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What is MMS?

MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) is an upgraded way to send text messages that include pictures and videos to and from mobile phones. MMS takes SMS (Short Message Service also known as Text Message) a step further by allowing exchange of text messages beyond the traditional 160 characters in length.

Enjoy all the features of Campus Cash, but now with sounds, images and videos!

MMS is the new standard in mobile messaging and often times gets 2 to 3 times the response rate in comparison to standard text messaging alone. With multimedia content, brands and advertisers can now deliver powerful messages faster than any communication medium ever seen before.

Vastly increase your brand recognition, sales, promotions, and marketing with tremendous ROI!

MMS benefits

Increase audience response through picture messaging MMS

Increased Direct Response Rate

Because of its interactivity, MMS videos increase user interest and boost direct response rates from people that are tired of just seeing boring text. It's also the perfect way to showcase to your customers that your business is on top of the latest technologies.


Interact with picture and video messaging MMS

Interactive MMS

MMS creates a more interactive and emotional appeal on mobile devices compared to SMS through elements of sound, animation and images. MMS creates a modern mobile experience with powerful visual branding possibilities.

Send targeted picture and video messages MMS Targeted MMS

Send MMS messages to specific target groups based on demographics, interests, or locations. Communicate to the people you want to and get your message heard right away.

Send mass MMS text messages Mass MMS Announcements

Keeps all your customers engaged through regular bulk MMS announcements with anything from coupons, promotions, important alerts to seasons greetings!

Personalize your MMS message Personalized MMS

Send unique, customized MMS messages to individual people one at a time so it has the most impact. Make each recipient feel special!
Save paper! Send an mms instead! Go Green

Help save the earth as part of a Go Green initiative with MMS. Sending moving colors and messages via mobile phones eliminates the need for paper and expensive direct mailers.

MMS Mobile Marketing

Send invitations via MMS messaging


Wedding, Birthday, Party, Prom, etc.
Publicize your sales and promotions via MMS messaging


New product launch, Sale, etc.
Announce events and more via MMS messaging


Football game, Sale, etc
MMS Mobile Marketing

Unlike SMS marketing, Campus Cash MMS Mobile Marketing delivers animated images, a sound track as well as audio ensuring your brand identity is immediately recognized by your clients and prospects.