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Picture Attachments via WAP Link

Sending a picture message to mobile phones is easy, affordable and quick!

With Campus Cash Mobile Picture Messaging you can now instantly communicate a thousand words in a single text message by sending a high-impact picture as part of your text message. Mobile text messaging is fast, targeted, leaves a lasting impression, and can be far more effective than a page-long email with embedded pictures (not to mention opening all those attachments). Don't get lost in the shuffles of traditional postal or email marketing. Precision targeting with high impact picture messages by far beats "blanket bombing" of bulk emails.

With Campus Cash you can eliminate the problems associated with MMS by embedding a short WAP link in your text message campaigns so that people can click on the link to view the picture. MMS is not universal and only half the wireless carriers support it. It's also very expensive for both the senders and receivers. Join the new trends in social media and multi-channel marketing by sending picture links direct to peoples' mobile phones.

Campus Cash Mobile Picture Messaging uses an embedded WAP link in your mobile text message. A WAP link is a shortened URL that when clicked on directs to any image you upload to Campus Cash. You can easily insert the link when you compose an ordinary text message using Campus Cash Mobile's simple web-based software. Recipients of the message can click on the link and the uploaded image will be displayed on Internet-enabled mobile phones.

It's THIS easy...

Upload pictures to the image library and get a tiny URL link.
Put the link in the text message.
Send out a mass text message with the tiny URL link and any additional text.
Give yourself a pat on the back for sending your first Mobile Picture Message.

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